Chandeleur Island Changes

   There’s a lot of misinformation out there about how much the island has changed throughout the years, whether it be from hurricanes, or the infamous oil spill. Although some of the rumors may be true, Chandeleur has proven year by year and day by day to still hold numerous amounts of trout and reds while having plenty of fishing places available. Erosion is the main threat of Chandeleur Island, but that only means where one place washes out, another builds up. The best advice for guests, is to take tips from the crew and Captain on which spots are working best at the time of one’s trip. Every year is different, whether that mean the fish have moved, or the fish are biting something different. 

   Also, many people get misinformed after buying Chandeleur maps, as they are outdated and mostly before Katrina hit. The first morning of the trip, the Captain will gather everyone on the top deck to go over skiffs, as well as show everyone the different fishing places. The crew has also assembled a map of the island with corrections to the chart to show what is left and what is gone as well, just ask and they will be glad to help.

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